Shipping info

Dal nostro negozio a casa tua

Come ogni nostri cioccolatini, tutti i nostri ordini vengono preparati, riempiti e inviati a mano, con amore.

Ecco una rapida occhiata al viaggio del tuo cioccolato:

1. We receive your order

2. We prepare it

3. We ship it

4. Ready to eat!

Where do we ship?

Shipping is available in Italy and in some selected countries in the EU (see shipping zones and rates below).

While you can find most of our creations online, we would like to inform our kind clientele that sadly we cannot ship all of our products. Indeed, some of our creations are fragile and could be damaged in transit. We want to offer you the best experience with our chocolate and we fear that it may be compromised in that particular case. We hope you will understand!

However, if you live in the Milan area, you can order these creations online and collect them in our shop through our "pick-up". These products are always referred to as"pick up only".

Free: pick up in store (all collections + pick up only)

→ Zone 1: Italy
Orders under € 50: shipping is € 8
Orders over € 50: FREE!

Zone 2: France, Belgium, Spain, Malta, Greece, Luxembourg, Germany
Shipping is 15 €

Zone 3: Switzerland
Shipping is 26 €